By Andrew Newlun

Limited Edition Art

This is where you will find exclusive products. Right now I am starting out selling limited edition acrylic prints. 

Bison of Yellowstone 16x20 Acrylic

Bison of Yellowstone 16x20 Acrylic


A limited edition acrylic print. 

Editions start at $300. The price of the acrylic print reflects how much of the edition has sold out. As the edition nears the end of its run, the price will rise to reflect the scarcity of it. This is to encourage you to buy sooner rather than later of course, but it is also to reflect the investment you have made in any image purchase.

These acrylic prints are not available by any other means and as such, offer very good value for the photographic collector.

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Each acrylic print comes signed, titled and numbered with an additional stamp of authenticity printed on the back with the edition number and print date signed by myself.

$300   for editions 1 to 10

$350   for editions 11 to 20

$450   for editions 21 to 30

$650   for editions 31 to 40

$1000   for editions 41 to 49

Not for sale edition 50