By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Yet another Lighthouse

Are you tired of my lighthouse posts yet? Well sorry ;). Though this may be the last one for a while. It's just that besides on hwy 1 out on Big Sur in California, I had never taken photos of a lighthouse before. And even then, it was foggy and I couldn't really get a good shot. So I took my time and made the most of my lighting and scenery at the few beautiful lighthouses I visited during my day drive up Long Island. 

I was trying to hurry to get a long exposure since I had family waiting on me, so this was all I got of this scene. This scene did however manage to get me very wet as a wave came rolling in and took me off the rock I was standing on. But it was worth being soggy and cold the whole drive back as long as I got the shot.

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