By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Erie on Ice

Early last year I took a trip up to New York for  a month to try out shooting hockey. On my way up I made several stops, one of which was at the cold and frozen tundra of Lake Erie. I hadn't been to any of the great lakes since I was a wee laddy. I ran out on the lake ice burgs attached to the shore and set up to try and catch the sun if it wanted to wink at me through the clouds as it went down. 

This is a prime example of luck favoring the well prepared. I waited a few minutes and then BAM! the clouds that had been seamless all day long tore apart just enough to let the sun shine through for a quick minute. I set my iMac up at my hotel that night and edited this pic and made it one of the first photos I uploaded to Google+ and it got over 100 likes, and that was the moment  I knew G+ was going to be a big part of my future on social media. 

P.S. I kinda miss my old logo/autograph :) 

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