By Andrew Newlun

Post Wedding

After your beautiful day, your photos are being individually perfected one by one. This process takes up the bulk of the time and energy that goes into a wedding shoot. Depending on your wedding package, this process usually takes 10 working hours for every hour spent shooting on the wedding day. We strive for perfection, so we will not let any memory go untouched. We want to capture the mood, emotion, and love that was there on your perfect day. Since the camera only captures the light, we take pride in evoking that feeling by editing each photo to replicate the moment. If you would like to inquire on the progress of your wedding photos, please email me at

If you have already received your digital photos and purchased a photo package, you can click the link below to begin building your photo package online. If you would like to setup a meeting to build your package out in person, email me 3 good times when you would be free for a meeting and I will get back to you with a time we can get together. Cheers, Congrats, and thank you for letting me be a part of this moment in your lives.