By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

My Best Ansel Impression

There is no place like Monument Valley to get some awesome black and white shots. And who among us hasn't been inspired by the great Ansel Adams. 

Today's Pic of the Day is my best impression at an Ansel Adams shot. I always think photos should be black and white unless color is adding something to the image. Monument Valley is a perfect place to demonstrate that. Colorful photos of these amazing formations doesn't do anything for the photo. If anything it takes away from the amazing design of it all. 

Black and white leaves that distraction out of the image and brings your focus more to the beautiful raw intensity and grandeur of the scene. 

Hope you Enjoy :)


Captured with the Samsung NX300 (link below)

and the Samsung NX 18-55mm kit lens (link below)

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