By Andrew Newlun

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The First Light

There is something about the first light of the day. Though it is always reliable, it somehow always seems to surprise. Sunsets after a full day of light are very beautiful, but often too predictable to warrant that surprised grin that happened to find me on this particular morning. The first light, after a long dark night, has an essence of unpredictability, that makes that early alarm clock misery, well worth it. 

On this gloomy Australian morning, after sleeping only a couple hours, then rising to an hour long pre dawn drive. The clouds decided to make it seem as though the alarms and long drive were all for nothing. But, mother nature knows when you deserve a good shot, and she will pull out her knife and slice open a bit of beauty for you. My job is to be prepared for it.

Luck is found at the intersection of opportunity and preparation. And when you prepare yourself with the tools and skills you need, you can seize the moment when mother nature offers up an opportunity. 


...AKA I didn't think I was going to get any good shots on this morning due to the clouds. But the clouds parted for just a second and I whipped my camera around and grabbed the first light as it shone through the opening... 

Hope you enjoy :)

 Fstop Lounge Australia Workshop w Jay and Varina Patel

This image was captured with the FujiFilm X-E2 and the FujiFilm 14mm 

Edited with Topaz

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