By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Missing AussieLand

I reached back into my folder from my trip to Australia earlier this year and put together this pano. I still have nearly 99% of my 5000+ plus photos from that trip that have been un touched, so maybe I should start editing them. But who has the time for that :p. One at a time is good enough for now. 

Hope you Enjoy this pic of the day. My friend Leigh took me to this secret spot way outside Sydney to get some shots of the beautiful city skyline. I love having good friends around the globe. The best shots come from the spots only known to the locals. Anyways, a big thanks to Leigh and I hope I can get back to AussieLand one day. 

 Fstop Lounge Australia Workshop w Jay and Varina Patel

Captured with a Nikon D7000 and a kit Nikon 18-55mm lens 

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