By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Glen Canyon Dam

While traveling in an RV for the past two weeks, we have made several unexpected stops along the side of the road. One of which, was a mile before we crossed Glen Canyon Dam. At the bottom of one of the most amazing lakes in the world, Lake Powell, I knew this Dam would offer an amazing photo opp. I pulled the Motor Home off the road and told the fam I would be right back.

After hiking a few hundred yards I realized that I wouldn't be right back. So I called my wife and asked if we were pressed for time before I hiked the rest of the way out to the canyon cliff. She gave the go ahead, and I got the shot. 

This was one of the few unexpected stops and photos of the trip thus far but it is by far one of my favorite. I hope you enjoy todays Pic of the Day

 Stitched Panorama
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