By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Love and Learn on Fifth Ave.

On a recent family vacation to NYC, my wife and I spent a day wandering the city with our cameras, just looking for interesting shots. Now I'm sure if you have ever been out taking pictures with anyone you have run into this problem... That moment when you see them taking a photo and want to take it too? You know what I'm talking about, maybe you would have seen it on your own or maybe you wouldn't have, but either way you want the shot and they saw it first. This was exactly that kind of situation

So as a husband and wife/teacher and pupil type relationship, I actually really enjoy it when she stops for a shot that I didn't see, because I can see that she is getting better and better and it makes me happy and proud. So even though she gets mad because she thinks I will get a better shot, I will take a photo with her if it's too good to pass up. And this shot was just that.

She stopped as we came out of the New York Public Library and said she wanted this shot. I smiled because it was a great frame and I had just shown her earlier that day how to lower her shutter speed to get movement in her photos. This is what she was doing here, and it was the perfect place for it. So I came and took some shots with her. We shot there for 5 minutes or so, waiting for taxi's to fly by with pedestrians. We both walked away with good shots, and while she may have been mad that I took her shot that she found, I was happy to see her viewing the world with a photographers eye. #proudhubs

So I will say that my wife found this shot, and I stood next to her shooting and giving her pointers on shutter speed and settings and what not, but ultimately I must admit that this is her frame, but I had to put my bit of editing spin on it and I like it too much not to share it. (so forgive me babe ;))

Hope you enjoy :)