By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Meetup at Kaw Point

Saturday night I went out with a photography meetup group here in KC. The group did a poll and decided to go Kaw Point for some night shots. Kaw point is a spot west of the city that looks down the Missouri river onto the city skyline. There were a couple dozen photographers out there, shooting down the rivers and finding different spots. 

So I initially set up with  a long lens to shoot the skyline, a pretty standard shot. Then decided that I wanted to get something different. So you know me, I love my wide angle, so I threw on the wide angle and started walking. I went down to the actual rocky point where the Kansas river meets the Missouri, and took a few long exposure shots hoping to get the streams flowing in different directions. That wasn't that impressive. So I walked around a bit more and saw a beautiful shot in the walkway. It had a nice leading line and put the city in the corner, I loved it. I am all about foreground interest to make my shots a bit more dynamic, and I am pleased with this shot.

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