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Everyone Loves a Super Yacht

On my recent vacation to New York, I went out one clear night to shoot from an abandoned pier. After spending a couple hours out shooting, about to go inside, I noticed that a giant purple building at the bottom of Manhattan had moved and gotten bigger. I threw on a zoom lens, took a shot, and took a close look. Turns out, it was the largest private boat I had ever seen, moving very slowly up the Hudson river.

I ran back in the condo, got some longer zooms, and went back out to get some shots as it came up the river and got in the frame with the empire state building. Below is the shot I waited for. 

I am a fan of beautiful water going vessels, as I have spent many weekends out on the lake here on jet skis, and my parents cabin cruiser. So when I see beautiful engineering and architectural specimen like this I always try and get a good shot. 

While waiting for the ship to make its way slowly into my frame, I did some googling. This is the 6th largest yacht in the world. This is also one of the most expensive in the world, costing over half a BILLION dollars. Blows my mind to see that some people have that kind of riches, while the majority are in poverty. I can appreciate this beautiful ship, and want one for myself, but it is hard to think that some one born into royalty and worth 50 billion dollars can have such a life. I am starting to sound a bit whiney but IT'S NOT FAIR lol. hahaha jealous I guess, because I dream of sailing the world and what better way than on a vessel like this. 

Hope you enjoy today's pic :)

Topaz Super Yacht

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