By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

A Moment of Music in Central Park

On a beautiful spring stroll through central park last week, we came upon several street musicians. It seemed to me that musicians are a dime a dozen in central park. Most are pretty talented, otherwise they wouldn't be making any money. But some make you stop and take in a moment of beautiful sights and sounds in the middle of a over stimulated world. 

I imagine it's pretty hard as a street musician in the biggest city on earth. There is plenty of competition, and choosing a good spot is harder than I can imagine, I'm sure. This particular scene was in a tunnel, with absolutely beautiful architecture and tile work. The scenery was complimented in such a major way by the perfect choice of musicians. A violin and cellist filled the beautiful hall with equally beautiful music. 

After giving them a tip and staying to listen for a few minutes, I wanted to try and capture them in a way that personified the mood they created. This is the best I could do with capturing and editing. Only being there can truly provide the beautiful moment that I got to stop and take in. Hope you enjoy this pic of the day. 

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