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Trails of the Lou (Help pick todays Pic)

I recently visited a friend in Louisville for her birthday, on my way to Minneapolis for work. After the celebrations, I set out to get some star trail shots of the city.

I shot two trails that night, one from the north side of the river in Indiana, looking at the downtown skyline, with the crossing southern sky and airplanes buzzing about. The other from the south side of the river, of the northern sky with polaris above their landmark bridge. 

I'm not sure which I like better. The one of the city has a pretty busy and unattractive sky, and the one shot from in the city has a much better sky. I considered blending the two images and putting the north sky in the south facing shot, but I don't like manipulating scenes that much. Only to make a photo look better, not to misrepresent the actual scene. 

So I will post both and see what you all think should be todays pic of the day. Write in the comments below which you like better North Star/Sky or South Sky. Or should I combine the two? :)


P.S. Btw these were the first two images I created on my new retina macbook. So if they look extra snazzy, thats why :)


LouisvSouthFINAL (1 of 1).jpg
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