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Pic of the Day: Finding the Angle

So as a photographer, often times you come across an amazing subject. But even when you do find that special something you want to make an image of, its not always just about the subject. the background is always a big thing to consider when making an image. 

For todays image I had several difficult choices to make. I was downtown Lynchburg, VA with some friends, along the river. They, being photographers too, wanted to show me this love monument since they knew I had taken images of these monuments in other major cities. 

This particular monument was very unique, in that it had different things on each letter like spinning wheels and footprints and stuff. I didn't want to leave without getting a good shot of it for a pic of the day. 


The problem I was running into however, was that behind this monument was just dead trees and a very distracting background. So I took some shots from the front in various positions but I was not satisfied with any of them. Just because the background was so dead and distracting.


So then I decided to go around behind the monument. Which meant I would be shooting the word backwards and also that I would not have any of the unique items from the front of it in the shot. But for me personally just being able to shoot into the sun to add some light and also get some of the old buildings and streets in it, though distracting, were less of an evil than the background I was getting when shooting from the front. 

So while I am not completely satisfied with the image, I feel like of the angles I took, the overall image came out better when I flipped the shot from the back with a less dreadful background. O

One day I will have to return when there is plenty of life and green behind the statue to get a great shot but for the circumstances, this image will have to suffice. Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think and which angle you like best. 

Hope you enjoy :)

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