By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Pic of the Day: Date Night

Took the wifey out for a night on the town tonight. We went to her favorite BBQ place and then walked around the city with our cameras. She had to shoot a DoF project for her photography class. So that meant I got to walk around with the person I love, doing what I love most :).

The night city covered by hazy clouds that reflected the cities ambiance back onto it. We went to the walking bridge so she could find some good things to shoot with a shallow depth of field. Since I had shot every possible angle of the bridge over the years, I decided to redo one of my old favorite POVs. 

I went and shot out over the rail for 10ish seconds while some cars drove by to make a better image of the same old photo I have taken dozens of times. I liked the way this one came out since I was able to take my time and wait for some cars, and the sky which was diffusing the city lights. 

I also did some warping in photoshop to get rid of some dead space and bring the walk way to life a bit more. Hopefully it isn't too noticeable, but I like the outcome. So here is todays quick pic of the day. Hope you enjoy :)

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