By Andrew Newlun

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ChattaTrails: South Pittsburg Bridge

A couple days ago one of the Newtography associate photographers (Terry) was over here so I could clean his sensor, and we started talking about his new wide angle rokinon 14mm 2.8 lens. I was rather impressed by the lens to be honest, which surprised me. So I suggested that he come with me to shoot the next image in my star trail series that night. He was excited and we talked about locations and I showed him this spot which I had always wanted to shoot. I knew exactly the frame I wanted and he was excited to go. 

I hit Graham ( Newtography Videographer) up and told him what we were doing to see if he wanted to come and he was on board. Our leave time was approaching and Terry had to bail, but Graham and I made the 45 minute drive down to South Pittsburg to take advantage of the beautiful night sky. 


We got there and set up a few different cameras getting various time lapses, and we met a zoo of local pets, including a massive dog named Zeus. Several cats proceeded to wonder what our cameras were every time they clicked, ruining a few frames and messing up some time lapses. One cat in particular found me interesting and claimed me as its human while we were there, never leaving my lap anywhere I sat down, and jumping into my car when I prepared to leave. 



After a cold couple hours of beautiful clear skies and calm waters a barge came through and really stirred up our perfect glassy reflection. We shot for another hour to get a good amount of footage for the time lapse, then packed up and headed home. Leaving behind all of our new animal friends

I just got to these images today and was really blown away at the beautiful color of the sky and water that night. Although these star trail images take me a few hours to shoot and several more hours to put together. They are by far the most rewarding images I have ever created. I tend to get a bit spiritual when I am out under the night sky looking out into the infinite wonder and letting my imagination roam. So when I get to put together awesome images of that and see the time lapse of what our earth sees as it spins endlessly through the universe we call home. It really blows me away. 

Anyways enough getting emotional about a picture :p here is todays Pic of the Day

Hope you enjoy :)

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