By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Pic of the Day: Star Trails

Spent a good part of friday night out in the city under the stars. I had been wanting to get this shot for quiet some time, and friday night was the perfect night for it. Being in the city the light pollution was already going to drown out a lot of the stars, so I had been waiting for a night when the moon was new or it rose late in the morning hours.

For the last few months every time the circumstances were right with the moon phase, it was very cloudy. But friday was perfect. No clouds, cool night with no humidity. I finally got to go shoot polaris over the aquarium. 

I made a youtube video a couple months ago on how I decided this location, I was not able to make a youtube video while I was shooting so I guess I will have to do it again to finish out the video series. 

Here is the video and the photo for todays pic, 

Hope you enjoy :)

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