By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Pic of the Day: Lightning

So I spent the first part of the night out shooting time lapses for a TV show Newtography is producing. Then came the storms.

After I had already returned home, I heard the thunder start rolling in around midnight. I grabbed my gear. Hit up taco bell for some 4th meal, and went to find a spot to shoot lightning. 

I ended up under the Tennessee Aquarium. They had changed the lights to red so I thought it would be interesting to shoot it with the red lights and maybe get some lightning strikes. I set my camera up outside my car window (while illegally parked on the sidewalks in front of the aquarium) and started shooting for a couple hours. I had no idea if I was getting any since I set it to shoot consecutive shots non stop. I was confident in the settings I chose so I knew if there was lightning that I would get it but not being able to see it while I shot was a bit nerve racking. I called it quits when the lightning intervals reached 5 minutes and headed home. 

I refrained from looking at the camera while driving, and upon getting home I saw that I was able to get a few shots with strikes in it. I was too excited to go to bed so I imported the photos and did some basic editing. When I awoke this morning I finished the edit and now we have the pic of the day :)

Hope you enjoy

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