By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Pic of the Day: Texture Play

Todays photo is another from Australia. When Leigh and I arrived at the villa he booked for us, we went out out back door to check out the dock or "jetty" and take some cool shots by the water as the tide was low. I was shooting with the Fuji x100s for the first time and came across this boat that had been abandoned by its ocean. 

I snapped a shot of it and then looked around inside it and found one of the cross boards, that was used as a seat with some flaking paint. I snapped a shot of it to use as a texture overlay on this very photo. So this is an example of when finding cool textures can come in handy to add to an old dirty photo like this. 

Anyways, I loved shooting with that little camera and need to get me one. Hope you enjoy this pic of the day from the fuji x100s

 Fstop Lounge Australia Workshop w Jay and Varina Patel
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