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Pic of the Day

Pic of the Day: I almost forgot

So a few weeks ago it was my wife's birthday. On that day we went out to take some photos of the amazing sunset that was happening that evening. I snapped a few of the world, then snapped a few of her, and we were off to dinner and a movie (Frozen, which was pretty good). In all the excitement and all the work I have had in the weeks since then, I almost forgot about the photos I took that evening. 

Luckily I opened up lightroom on my pc today (I usually always edit my photos on the imac) and this folder of 16 photos happened to pop up in front of me. So I did a quick edit on the pc and we have the almost forgotten pic of the day :)

I guess when you are taking tens of thousands of photos every month, sometimes a few good ones are likely to get lost in the chaos. 

Hope you Enjoy :)

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