By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Pic of the Day: New editing

So I went through a couple images today, to try out a new editing style. This style is a lot more work, with a lot less effect. I am trying out my own style mixed with the iHDR style that Jay and Varina have perfected. It produces a more subtle edit and a more true to life feel. Im not sure that I like it as much, as my style is exactly that, mine. 

I feel that my work is art because I get to spend time putting emotion and feeling into the images. I put part of myself into the image with how I process it. Now these are a more true to life feel, but something about them just don't seem to speak to me as much. But I had to try it out and see. 

The image to the right was created using 3 bracketed exposures, mildly blended with a fully tonemapped HDR. The image on the bottom was created from one single image, edited 3 times for the foreground midground and background, then blended together and touched up a bit. Let me know your thoughts on this style compared to my personal style in the comments below, or over on my facebook or google+ page.

Hope you enjoy :)

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