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Pic of the day: I Shoot JayPEG

So todays image was a bittersweet shot.

We were out early one morning to capture the sunrise at the dunes. I had my bag of gear which I set up to capture a time lapse. I might add that I set it up in the wrong direction. I was about an inch off of composing the sun into the side of my frame (another time where my apps would have come in handy. I have become too reliant on my apps, I need to learn how to look up the direction and just use a compass for pre composing shots((But setting my camera up an inch from the perfect composition in darkness and cloud cover, in a foreign country, in the opposite hemisphere, was pretty darn close if you asked me)) Which means the shot I set up on an interval timer is relatively useless. 

 Fstop Lounge Australia Workshop w Jay and Varina Patel

Fortunately I set off to explore the dunes with the Fujifilm X-E2 and a 14 mil lens. I loved using the small mirrorless camera to just grab random handheld snapshots. After the sunrise had not happened due to cloud cover, I lost hope in seeing a good sunrise. Then what do you know the clouds part a few times for 30 seconds here and there and offer some beautiful rays to capture. 

Well I had been shooting the whole day before with the X-E2 and had not replaced the battery. So as I had had already packed my gear up, and was heading back, all I had to shoot the quick sun bursts was a dead X-E2. I switched it on and noticed the battery flashing along with the dreaded words JPEG in the format box. I tried to go change the camera back to RAW but the camera died again before I could make the switch. 

The sun rays left and I kept walking. Then yet again they shone through and so I left the camera off and composed a shot with my mind, knowing somewhat of what the 14 mil lens on a crop sensor would have in frame. I quickly snapped the camera on holding down the shutter button and heard that lovely artificial shutter sound of the X-E2 as it snapped the shot while simultaneously shutting down due to lack of power.

I got 3 JPEG shots by doing this, which was good that I did get the shots. However, it was bad in the sense that while I did get the shots, they were compressed JPEGs which meant I wouldn't really be able to edit them at all. But none-the-less I had to at least post one. Mainly because I was impressed by how well I was able to compose a shot without using the viewfinder, just based on my ability to see the way the camera sees. 

A couple days later Jay Patel was instructing on shooting star trails and he also accidentally had been shooting in JPEG with the X-E2 due to the fact he had just updated the firmware and didn't switch the camera back to RAW format. So I told his wife I was going to make a shirt that said I SHOOT JPEG (photographer joke) and she (being the clever wife she is) said to spell it out JayPEG. Thus giving birth to my next shirt and the title of "I SHOOT JayPEG". 

Anyways, this image is un-cropped, and very lightly edited (which was no fun for me since I love editing) Image. I hope you enjoy it all the same :)


And here are the other two blind JPEGs I managed to get. 

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