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Pic of the Day

Pic of the Day: Fuji X100s

I got a request for a B&W photo today so I thought I would pick a shot from one of the fuji cameras that was by my side throughout my entire Australia trip. This shot was from the Fujifilm X100s, which is the best street photography camera I have ever used. It is a fixed lens (23mm f2) camera with an APS-C size sensor that delivers amazing image quality in such a small package. Ha sounded like an advertisement. If only they paid me or gave me gear, to any readers that have fuji connections ;). 

Anyways this was taken downtown Sydney, about a block from my hotel. I was walking to the car, on my way to shoot the city from all the secret vantage points Leigh could take me to. Since I had all my gear in my bag on my back, the fuji was my street shooter to stop and get quick shots of interesting things like this. 

I love being able to just see and shoot, no prepping, no lens decisions, just photography. It is an incredible little camera and I'm glad it was on my side while I was there. 

Hope you enjoy :) 

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