By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day

Pic of the Day

So todays image came from after the farewell dinner of the Jay and Varina workshop. Most of the workshop crew went back down to the beach near Brent's place and shot the sunset and the night sky. We all went out separate ways to do sunset shots and then joined back near some rocks to do some star shots and light painting. Now it wasn't the usual kind of light painting with various colors and light trails, more just accenting the foreground to even out the exposure with the stars. 

I wasn't too keen on the composition that we all had started with, so I made my way down to a different spot to find something that complimented the milky way better. I shot down at a lower level with Simon and Dianne for a bit and was able to eliminate the midground and light pollution and get some nice foreground rocks with the milky way (a very modest milky way) shining between the rocks. 

Night sky photography is one of my favorite things to shoot. This was a bit noisy and a tad less impressive than I was hoping but I thought it may want to be seen so it is todays pic of the day :). One of my goals for my photography is to teach a night photography workshop in the future. I love stunning milky way shots and creating time lapses and star trails. So hopefully all the time shooting, processing, and learning will pay off some day :)

I hope you enjoy todays Pic of the Day :) Cheers

"you don't know what you've got till its gone" - I never knew the meaning of that saying more than when I was in Australia and I didn't have access to the apps I use for tracking the sunset, stars, moon, and milky way for photography.

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