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Project December: Day 9

Another shot straight out of the camera today. I am very please with this image. I went out shooting with my friend Graham today, as he just got his new Canon 6d in and wanted to go shoot some. 

As you probably know I love editing photos but I have been trying to come up with cool images in the camera that need no editing. So today I played around with multiple exposures. Basically this allows you to shoot two exposure (or more) to a single image. It is the equivalent of taking a photo on film and then rewinding the film and exposing/taking a second image on the same piece of film. 

I found out very fast that it was very much a science. As most of my images came out dull and weird. As I got the hang of it however, I was able to pull of some really cool shots. This was my favorite, of Graham standing on a hilltop backlit by the sun and the second exposure being the shadows and texture of the hill itself. 

Hope you enjoy :)


Project December is a collaborative adventure with a couple of my fellow F Stop Lounge contributors Carly Gill and Suzanne Clements. Be sure to click on their names to check out their Pics for today :)

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