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Project December: Day 8

Today I had a blast trying out something I have never done before, photographing smoke. This photo session literally blew me away because every single shot that came up made me gasp. These were some of the most beautiful shots I have ever taken (IMO). The raw beauty and art is completely mind blowing to me. 

Believe it or not this photo is SOOC (straight out of camera...with watermark added). I literally could not stop shooting because of how amazing and unique each and every image was. I have hundreds of shots that I will have a blast editing and adding color to. But I am posting this raw image for todays pic, due to lack of time and I wanted everyone to appreciate the unedited photo. 

I had a cameraman here today (who happens to be the newest member of the Newtography team...TBA). So I made a tutorial video that should be up tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this image :)


Project December is a collaborative adventure with a couple of my fellow F Stop Lounge contributors Carly Gill and Suzanne Clements. Be sure to click on their names to check out their Pics for today :)

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