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Project December: Day 1 & 2

I am excited to announce Project December! A friend of mine, and fellow F Stop Lounge colleague, Carly Gill of Carly Elizabeth Photography  invited me to join her in a 31 day photo challenge. Carly is an amazing "Photography and Life" coach, specializing in portrait and product photography. I am excited to join with her in this photography challenge. Be sure to check out her site and keep up with the images she will be creating and uploading every day with me this month. 

So, this means I will keep the backlog on the back burner a little bit longer so that I can start fresh with it in 2014. But I will be taking a new photo to edit and upload every day this month. This will be tough but I am excited to finally get to do this. Follow along and feel free to join Carli and I in this Decembaventure :). Like, Comment, Share, and post your own work if you want to come along for the ride. 

I was traveling for work yesterday but I did get my first photo in late at night. I am one day behind with uploading, but better late than never right ;)

This first photo is of a bridge on "City Island" in Harrisburg PA. This was a neat little island where the Harrisburg Senators play baseball. It was a bit creepy at night but it was filled with neat stuff and a riverside walking path. This bridge was a walking bridge that gave access to downtown Harrisburg from the island. 

I was in Harrisburg shooting hockey over the weekend. While shooting I got the inside scoop on this location from the scorekeeper and the clock girl. Locals always know the best spots. 

Just so I won't let this shot go without seeing the light of day (and so I won't cheat and just post this photo tomorrow ;)) I also got a nice shot of the city skyline from another cool spot they informed me on. Hope you enjoy :)

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