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Project December: Day 17

Tonight we spent some time with my wife's sister and brother, eating and watching tv. After dinner, I got to show my nephew how fun photography can be. We played around with some of his light toys. His favorites were the "ghost pictures" and drawing stick figures. So we did a little of both. 

I love seeing the wide eyed wonder of anyone who gets blown away by how fun photography can be, especially a kid with a big imagination :). I was that way when I first got into it, and what keeps me shooting, the desire to get that feeling again. Its like a creative drug, I want to learn more and do new cool things that blow me away more than the last thing I did. It is a cycle that keeps pushing me forward with my work and one that I hope never goes away. 

I hope you enjoy todays fun shot :) Its Jackson's modeling debut to the world. Great job Jack Attack :)


Project December is a collaborative adventure with a couple of my fellow F Stop Lounge contributors Carly Gill and Suzanne Clements. Be sure to click on their names to check out their Pics for today :)

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