By Andrew Newlun

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Project December: Day 15

Yet again my attempt at todays photo failed. Twice actually. But with time running down I grabbed my wife, borrowed her model hands, and set up a photoshop pic for today. 

I took a shot of her hands lit by a desk lamp, did some google image searching, and then just played around in photoshop for a while until I ended up with this image. It may be a little weird, but I am pretty obsessed with space and time and all that crazy-ness so I was just having some fun and letting my imagination go to work. It's nothing too special but I love my photoshop time so I hope you enjoy it :)


Project December is a collaborative adventure with a couple of my fellow F Stop Lounge contributors Carly Gill and Suzanne Clements. Be sure to click on their names to check out their Pics for today :)

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