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Project December: Day 11

So I received an early Christmas present in the mail today :). An Fstop Loka Bag from my friends Jay and Varina Patel.  If you aren't familiar with their photography you should do yourself a favor and click on their names to go to their websites and see their work. They are an inspiration to me and I can't wait to join them in Australia for their workshop in Jan. Now the bag has a little wear (barely any, idk how you used it for years and it still looks brand new Varina) , but I would much rather have a bag that has seen all the amazing sites all over the world than shell out the cost of a new lens for a brand new bag. 

Photo Dec 11, 7 19 28 PM.jpg
Photo Dec 11, 7 19 00 PM.jpg

I spent about an hour organizing my gear and moving into the new bag. Then I was rearing to get out and put it to good use. I went out to one of the old cliche spots to shoot the river and bridges of downtown Chattanooga, and set up a few different shots. I took a few long exposures from 30 seconds up to 8 minutes and snapped a few bracketed shots for an HDR. 

If you have seen my work you know I am a sucker for an HDR. So of course I got my therapeutic post processing time in for the day and spent some time putting together this image for the pic of the day. I hope you enjoy :)

Big thanks to Jay and Varina Patel :) for my early Christmas. If you want to see a behind the scenes iphone shot from this shoot click HERE to check it out on my instagram :)

Project December is a collaborative adventure with a couple of my fellow F Stop Lounge contributors Carly Gill and Suzanne Clements. Be sure to click on their names to check out their Pics for today :)

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