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Sunday Dec 1

Alright, this is the last day of pre edited posts for now. I am finishing up shooting today and driving 12 hours home tonight. So tomorrow I should get to bring you some freshly edited photos tomorrow, once I sleep for a good 14 hours :).

Now this photo may not look like much but it is very special to me. This is one of the very first photos I ever took with my first DSLR. This is also THE first image I ever sold. So this is what started me on the path to what I am today and what I will become in the future. This made me realize that people thought I was good enough to pay me for my art, and that is a feeling that never gets old.

This is my beautiful city of Chattanooga TN. I love this city and think it is among the most beautiful cities in the world. One of my goals is to put Chattanooga on the map for beautiful photography. That's why I started the Chatturday Photo Walks, and why I continue to capture more and more photos of this amazing place year after year. I hope you enjoy this image and get the change to come enjoy this amazing city.

DSC_0253 (2).jpg
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