By Andrew Newlun

Pic of the Day


Since it's Thanksgiving I may be cheating a bit. I didn't actually go through and edit a photo today. That's right, I'm taking the day off. I am actually driving up to PA on Thanksgiving day (after eating with my family of course) to shoot some hockey. What can I say, I gotta pay the bills. So instead of getting my daily dose of editing time in, I have prepared a photo before hand so that I can post this from the road. Do forgive me.

This is a shot I took in Las Vegas earlier this year. I went out one night after shooting hockey for 16 hours and decided to do a little restrictive exercise in street photography. I taped off the back of my screen, set my camera and lens to manual settings and focus, and limited myself to 36 shots. I wanted to make sure that every shot I took counted and really make myself think about composition and settings on each and every photo. I also set my camera to shoot in black and white. However, when shooting in RAW format the sensor captures in color anyways which is lucky for me because I was able to get this shot of a street band performing over the strip that night. 

When I went through the photos after returning to the hotel, this was among my favorite shots. Then when I got home and pulled this shot up in color in lightroom, I was blown away even more. It goes to show that when you really put thought and effort into shooting, the results show that hard work. This is one of my favorite street photography shots of 2013 and I hope you enjoy it as well. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all :)

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