By Andrew Newlun


F stop Lounge


In a world where "Photographers" roamed the earth in unskilled masses. One man set out to teach them all. His name, Andrew Newlun, his mission, educate and entertain the majority of our solar system.

He grew up in a small town in central United States. His entire life was unknowingly set on a path toward one goal. At 13 he began learning graphic design in the digital sweat shops of his local church. Then at 20 he got his first DSLR on a blood ridden ebay bidding war that left thousands dead in his wake. This DSLR became his weapon. His target, the human minds of every earth bound youtube zombie.

Traveling the nation for years, shooting and learning his trade, he honed his skills to prepare for his journey into the vast overpopulated lands of the Youtubes. Then in October 2013 he joined forces with F stop Lounge and the next chapter in his battle for mildly humorous photo education began. 

Andrew Newlun


Coming to a Youtube channel near you for a limited time. Oct 16 2013 - Feb 30 2184...Don't Miss It


-good photos are like good jokes, if you have to explain it, its probably not that good

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